Motorcycle Rental FAQ

Do I Need a Motorcycle Driver’s License to Rent a Motorcycle?

No, but you do need a Valid Regular Driver’s License. If you have never ridden a motorcycle with clutch and foot gears, please let us know before reserving.

Do I Need to Leave a Deposit to Reserve a Motorcycle?

Yes, to reserve a motorcycle we require a deposit of %50 of the total rental cost or a minimum of $50usd. The payment of the deposit is made via Paypal, and you can pay with a Credit Card or a Paypal account if you have one.

Can I Reserve a Motorcycle for only 1 day?

No, even though we do offer 24 hour rentals, we do not accept reservations for less than 3 days. If you want to rent a motorcycle for 1 day only, please contact us the day before or the same day and we will let you know if you if we have anything available.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

The deposit on the reservation is *Non-Refundable*, *Non-Transferable* and your *Dates Cannot be Changed*.

Do I Need Experience Riding a Motorcycle to Rent One?

No, even if you have never ridden a motorcycle with clutch and foot gears before, you can still rent a motorcycle from us, but you must take a mandatory 1h riding lesson with one of our instructors.

Do You Give Riding Lessons?

Yes, if you have never ridden a motorcycle with a clutch and foot gears before, we are happy to give you a 1h lesson, which is usually sufficient to have you on your way.

Are the Riding Lessons Free?

No, each 1h lesson cost $20usd per person.

Can I Pay My Rental Fee with a Credit Card?

At this moment we are unable to accept Credit Card payments. We accept Cash and Paypal (10% fee extra). *Note that if you want to pay your entire Rental Fee with Paypal, it must be done BEFORE the pick up appointment.

Does the Rental Fee Include Everything?

Yes, the Rental Fee includes everything, there is NO EXTRA cost. *Please note that if you have no experience riding a motorcycle with clutch and foot gears, you have to take a mandatory 1h riding lesson with one of our instructors (cost of $20usd) BEFORE taking possession of the motorcycle.

Do I have to Leave a Damage Deposit?

Yes, you will be required to leave a Cash Refundable Damage Deposit of $200 for each bike rented.

Can I Just Drop By your Store and Rent a Bike?

As we are a web-based motorcycle rental company, we do not have a storefront. All pickups and drop offs are done by appointments only. You can of course drop by, but we can’t guarantee that someone will be there without an appointment. We also strongly recommend Reserving, as we normally book out a few weeks ahead.

Can I Rent a Motorcycle for a Few Hours Only?

No, our minimum Rental fee is for a 24 hour rental. Of course, you can bring the motorcycle back the same day if you would like, but we do not offer an hourly rate. Please note that during high season (December – January) we are extremely busy and may not accept 3 day rental reservations.

Do you Provide Helmets?

Yes, we provide one or two helmets free of charge, as per the client’s needs. We have full face helmets as well as beanies.

Do you Provide Locks?

No, but motorcycle theft is relatively rare in small towns and rural areas. At night, we recommend that you park the motorcycle in a secure area & never leave the registration and insurance documents with the motorcycle.

Do you Provide any Riding Gear?

All we provide with our rentals are helmets and surfboard racks upon request. We do recommend that you wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and closed toe shoes.

Can I Get Out of Nicaragua with the Motorcycle?

No, the motorcycle cannot leave Nicaragua, but you can go anywhere within the borders of Nicaragua as we have no KM restriction on our rentals.

Do You Have a KM Restriction on Your Rentals?

No, you can go anywhere within the borders of Nicaragua, we have no KM restriction on our rentals.

Can I Leave Some of my Luggage with you while I’m Renting a Bike From You?

Yes, if you want to travel light, we are happy to offer you a secure, complimentary luggage storage solution.

Do All Your Motorcycle Come With a Surfboard Rack?

Yes, all our motorbikes can be equipped with detachable surfboard racks. Please let us know ahead of the pick up if you would like a surfboard rack.

Do All Your Motorcycle Come With a Luggage rack

Yes, all our motorbikes have a small, factory installed metal rack on the back of the motorcycle where you can tie up some luggage.

Can I Pick Up my Motorcycle in Managua or Any Other Location Other than San Juan del Sur?

At the moment, we do not offer alternate pickup or drop off location. Both Pickup and Drop off must happen in San Juan del Sur.