Why Rent a Motorcycle in San Juan del Sur

Your only option if you want the freedom to truly explore Nicaragua, is to have your own vehicle with the flexibility to go where you want, when you want! You could rent a car, but that can cost as much as $50 to over $100 per day! And let’s be honest, driving a rental car is not nearly as exciting as riding a motorcycle!

All our motorcycles run like a charm, are well maintained and come with a surfboard rack if you need one. El Gringo’s Rentals has the absolute BEST PRICES on Long Term Motorcycle Rentals in Nicaragua and our customer service is undeniably unsurpassed in Nicaragua, as our TripAdvisor Reviews show!

Our starting price is $35 for 24 hours, but you can Rent a Motorcycle By The Week or even Rent a Motorcycle By The Month & the longer you rent, the cheaper it is! Check out our prices by clicking Here.

San Juan del Sur is a vibrant little town with a stunning beach of its very own, but all around it are a number of wonderful beaches that are definitely worth the detour. Plus, Nicaragua may not be a very big country, but there are many other beautiful places that you should consider visiting while you are here.

To explore the nearby beaches, you could rent a taxi for the day, but that can cost as much as $80 for a single day! You could also use the shuttles, which drive people to & from the beaches at regular hours throughout the day. These will cost you $10, but you have no control on when you leave & when you are coming back.

If you want to travel further out of San Juan and explore places like Ometepe Island, Playa Gigante, Popoyo, Rancho Santana, Granada, the Masaya volcano and the Laguna de Apoyo, you must rely on slow and crowded chicken buses.

Rent a Motorcycle from El Gringo’s Rentals while in San Juan del Sur


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