Where is Nicaragua

Nicaragua, also known as the “Land of Lakes & Volcanoes” is the biggest country in Central America with its 130,000 kilometer2 of combined land & water. The country counts 19 volcanoes & countless beautiful lakes, among which is Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Latin America.

Nicaragua shares its southern border with Costa Rica, with Honduras & El Salvador to the north. Nicaragua touches both the Pacific Ocean in the west as well as the Atlantic Ocean to the east, making it a country with many beautiful beaches to offer.

Spain colonized Nicaragua in the 1500’s, so today Spanish is the main spoken language in the country along with a few native dialects still spoken ,mostly in the northern territory on the east coast. English is also spoken & learned in schools on the east coast by the descendants of African slaves that were transported to the country by the conquerors in the 1600’s. The population of Nicaragua, called Nicaraguans, is approximately 6,000,000; its currency is called Cordoba & the country’s dialing code is 505.

Nicaragua central america map