Moto Monday FAQ

Nicaragua is an amazing country, with loads of stunning, interesting places to discover and great people who love and are proud of their country! The Moto Monday Guided Motorcycle Tour allows you to explore beautiful Nicaragua in a fun, safe and exciting environment! Join us on our Next Moto Monday tour! Contact us today to Reserve your spot!

Who can participate in Moto Monday?

Everyone! Moto Monday is for anyone who owns a motorcycle or rents one from El Gringo’s Rentals.

How Much does Moto Monday Cost?

$30 per person

Participants must also cover their personal expenses such as drinks, meals, activities, lodging, etc. The price of the accommodations is approximately $10 for a dorm bed and between $25 – $35 for a private room.

Is the Moto Monday tour happening every week?

No, sometimes we take a break or do not have the minimum number of participants (4) registered. That’s why it’s important to contact us and register if you are interested in participating in our next Moto Monday Motorcycle Tour.

How do I Register to Moto Monday?

To register for Moto Monday you must first contact us to see if one is already organized for the date that you are interested in, if it is the case, you must pay the $30 fee per person to register.

If there is no Moto Monday Tour planned yet for the date that you are interested in, we need 4 people minimum to register and pay the $30 fee or 1 person paying $120 to organize the tour.

If you are alone or with a group smaller than 4, you can still register and in the event that we don’t get the minimum number of participants required, the $30 fee is refunded (please note that if you also reserve a motorcycle, the deposit for the reservation of the motorcycle is non refundable).

Where are we going on the Moto Monday Tour?

The first person to register (pay the deposit) for the tour for a specific date decides where we are going and others are encouraged to join.

It could be POPOYO for some awesome surfing, PLAYA GIGANTE for a nice relaxing sunset cruise, the LAGUNA DE APOYO for some good old R&R on the beach, the MASAYA VOLCANO & the beautiful colonial town GRANADA for a fun night out, the Island of OMETEPE for the nature lovers & the list goes on! Click Here to find out about our most popular routes.

How long is the Moto Monday Tour?

Moto Monday is usually an overnight trip, we leave Monday morning and come back Tuesday around noon.

What should I Bring with me?

It’s a good idea to pack light since we are on the road most of the day & we stop often! Try to carrying only what you will need for an overnight stay like a change of clothes & a toothbrush.

Do you provide a safe place where I can leave some of my things?

Yes! You can leave whatever you are not carrying with you on the Moto Monday tour with us. It will be kept in a safe place, available for you to retrieve when you come back from the tour.