Beaches near San Juan del Sur

The San Juan del Sur area has some of the best beaches in Nicaragua! Whether you are looking for a beach with a great surf break & world class waves like the famous Playa Maderas & Playa Hermosa, or a beautiful, quiet beach where you can read a good book & have a cold drink like Playa Marsella or if you are looking for the perfect beach where you can enjoy a delicious meal while watching the sunset like Playa Coco or the San Juan Bay, the area around San Juan del Sur has the beach for you! There are more than 10 amazing beaches within 25km of San Juan del Sur, all more stunning & unique than the other, the question is whether you will have the time to visit them all! Here is a short list of the 10 best beaches in San Juan del Sur.

Beaches North of San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Beaches North of San Juan del Sur

Playa Nacascolo: A few minutes north of San Juan del Sur via the Chocolata road, Playa Nacascolo is a quiet, white sandy beach made for relaxing.

Playa Marsella: Playa Marsella is a beautiful beach 10km north of San Juan del Sur via the Chocolata road, perfect for those looking for a quiet beach to swim & unwind.

Playa Maderas: Playa Maderas is one of the most popular beaches in Nicaragua with its friendly atmosphere & great beach break offering world class surfing.

Playa Majagual: Playa Majagual is a 5 minutes walk north of Playa Maderas & is ideal for those in search of a tranquil spot to enjoy the ocean and soak in the sunshine.

Playa Ocotal: This stunning shady little cove beach is home to the very popular eco-lodge Morgan’s Rock & offers some of the clearest water around.

Beaches South of San Juan del Sur

Playa Remanso: Playa Remanso is a charming little beach, with a great vibe, very popular with beginner surfers for its gentle wave.

Playa Hermosa: Playa Hermosa is a long, sensational beach & is home to the Playa Hermosa Beach Hotel which offers lodging, food, drinks & surfboard rentals.

Playa Yankee: Playa Yankee is a gorgeous, secluded beach, offering no amenities & very little shade but it is a favorite amongst experienced surfer.

Playa Coco: Playa Coco is one of the most magnificent beach in the area with its mile of white sand & serene surroundings; it is also an excellent place to watch the sunset.

Playa Ostional: Playa Ostional is probably the best kept secret in San Juan del Sur. The beach is lovely & the tourists mostly absent, ideal if you want peace & quiet.

Beaches South of San juan del Sur Nicaragua