Giving Back to the Community


– Maya Angelou –

El Gringo’s Rentals started as two Canadian Gringo’s crazy idea & in the span of four years, with a lot of work, many sacrifices & long hours, grew into a successful small business that not only helps promote San Juan del Sur as a wonderful tourist destination all over the world & offers a great service to local tourists, but also provides employment to people in the community & stimulates the local economy.

Now it is our belief that with success come responsibilities; responsibilities towards the community we live & work in, here in San Juan del Sur. That is why El Gringo’s Rentals is proud to announce that starting in 2017, 1% of our profit will go towards a fund to help animals in need in the San Juan del Sur area.

The fund will be used to help treat & feed sick & homeless animals, or pets who’s owners can’t afford veterinary care. It will also be used to spay & neuter as many cats & dogs as possible, in order to help control their population.

If you would like to help us help animals in need in San Juan del Sur, please donate. No amount is too small, & although this fund is not officially registered as a non profit, we promise to use all funds donated to us to help suffering animals in our community. Food donations as well as supplies such as crates, blankets, etc. are also welcomed!

Click here to Donate. Thank you!