Getting to San juan del Sur from Peñas Blancas

If you are coming to Nicaragua from the south, you will probably be crossing the border from Costa Rica into Nicaragua at Peñas Blancas. Once you are on the Nicaragua side, to get to San Juan del Sur from the Peñas Blancas border is very easy & you have two options:

  • For ₵20 you can take the chicken bus from Peñas Blancas to Rivas & get off half way at La Virgen on the Pan American Highway, where you will have to wait for another bus that will take you to San Juan del Sur. The chicken bus from Rivas to San Juan del Sur usually passes through La Virgen every 30 minutes & cost ₵18. This option will take you anywhere between 1h & 1.5h.

  • From Peñas Blancas you can also take a taxi for $20usd; to save some money share the taxi with someone else as the price is per ride & not per person. This option will take you approximately 40-45 minutes.

If you are crossing the Peñas Blancas border for the first time, don’t stress it, it’s a straightforward enough process. For more information on crossing the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, I recommend reading this In Nica Now blog post on the subject.