Getting To San Juan del Sur from Managua

Wondering how to get from the Managua airport to San Juan del Sur? Getting to San Juan del Sur from the Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport in Managua (Managua Airport code: MGA), which is the closest airport to San Juan del Sur, is simple & easy: Just use an Airport Shuttle Service!

Airport Shuttles are the fastest, safest, most reliable & comfortable means of transportation from Managua to San Juan del Sur.

There are a few companies offering scheduled &/or private shuttle services between the Managua Airport & San Juan del Sur, and, depending on the traffic, the drive takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Here are a few Airport Shuttle Services you might want to check out:

There are scheduled shuttles leaving the Managua airport a few times a day at predetermined hours or you can book a private shuttle which will wait for you at the airport & leave immediately for San Juan del Sur for a cost of approximately $80 to $90usd. This may sound expensive, but remember that the drive takes approximately 2.5 hours, meaning a 5 hours total return trip to San Juan del Sur for the driver. If you add up the cost of gas to the salary of the driver, for whom it’s an entire day of work, it’s not that expensive at all! To save money, you can share your private shuttle with other people as the cost is per vehicle, not per person.

For more information concerning the scheduled shuttles between Managua & San Juan del Sur or to learn more on how to reserve your private shuttle, visit Transporte GabyAdelante ExpressIskra TravelLago Azul Express or any other Managua Airport shuttle service company.