About us

El Gringo’s Rentals is a short & long term motorcycle rental company in Nicaragua, Central America. We rent bikes for 24 hours minimum, up to a few weeks or even a few months. Our service is intended for anyone interested in travelling by motorbike, anywhere inside of Nicaragua. El Gringo’s Rentals is owned & operated by 2 Canadians who have traveled extensively through Central America before settling down in San Juan del Sur in 2012. Here, we enjoy a peaceful yet exciting life by the sea & love helping others discover all the beauty that Nicaragua has to offer.

Motorcycle Rentals Nicaragua san juan del sur

Chris Madden was born & raised in Vancouver, Canada & has been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. His passions are riding motorcycles on the less beaten paths, surfing & boxing. Chris also owns the local gym called Fight Club Gym San Juan del Sur & is a Boxing Promoter in charge of organizing the very popular Fight Night in San Juan del Sur.

Guylaine Madden is a French Canadian born in Val d’or, Québec (Canada). She lived a few years in the beautiful city of Montréal before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia where she worked for many years as a Personal Fitness Trainer. She discovered both riding motorcycles & surfing through her meeting with Chris during a trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in 2003. Her passions include surfing & taking care of animals. Guylaine spends a lot of her time helping animals in need in the San Juan del Sur community. If you would like to help Guylaine help suffering animals in the area, please Donate.

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